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Wooden carved Celtic cross

    St Leonard’s Church Southminster

  How can I help?

  When they become aware of this need, some people want to help. They may be christians, but can include non-believers who simply appreciate the social and aesthetic value of this building, which is, after all, right in the middle of Southminster.

   There are many obvious ways you can help, from making a donation to attending one of the events held in the church building: some of these, such as the Art Exhibition, for example, have no direct link with the activities of the church. Recent concerts held in aid of the church organ have drawn support from both church members and from the wider community.

  There are other ways of helping that are less obvious, such as leaving the parish church some money in your will. Or perhaps (whether or not you are a religious person) you would be interested in being a part of a 'Friends of St Leonard's Church group': you might even have the skills and willingness to lead it!


  If you are able to help keep this building open to serve the community - as it has done continuously since 1152 - we would be delighted to hear from you ...