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Wooden carved Celtic cross

    St Leonard’s Church Southminster

How much does it      cost to run?

  At St Leonard's there are many things which have to be paid for in addition to the running costs of a medieval Grade 2* building:

The Family Purse

  This is the amount we pay to Chelmsford Diocese each year as our contribution towards the running costs of the Church of England. By far the largest proportion of this goes towards paying for clergy pay, housing and pensions. In 2012 our Family Purse contribution was £19,305.


  The church is insured by The Ecclesiastical Insurance Group and the current premium is in excess of £2,600.

The building

  Last year we had to replace the central heating boiler, at around £5,500. We also  ran an appeal for funds to keep the organ in working order, in the region of £8,000. There is always outstanding work to be done on the building, the largest of which is the church tower, which will require many thousands of pounds.

Routine costs

  Other costs include gas and electricity, communion wine and wafers, candles, travel and office expenses incurred by the vicar and others on church business, and, of course, repairs. On average, to run the church requires an expenditure of £700 every week.

Where does the money come from?

  Most of this money comes from regular giving from members of the congregation – and not, therefore, from the Church of England (except for a small part of clergy pay.)

How can I help?

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