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Wooden carved Celtic cross

    St Leonard’s Church Southminster

Baptism Service

  What the Baptism Service

    is all about

This service

■ looks to the future and makes promises

■ is a Church celebration - welcoming a new      member

■ includes a declaration of faith in Christ      and commitment to church membership

■ is a special service, arranged every few      months as part of our church programme

  Since Baptism includes promises of commitment to Christ and church membership, we assume parents already worship with us - or are beginning to do so.

  At regular intervals we hold Preparation Evenings to discuss baptism.  Both parents, together with as many of the godparents who are able, attend the evening.

  If you decide to commit yourselves and your child to Christ in Baptism, we discuss which of the church's future baptism dates is the most convenient for you ...

  For example there were three Baptism services during 2010.

  All services start at 10.45 am.

     The church does not see Baptism as an 'event' - just a special occasion, and part of a journey ..


  •  a journey shared by parents and children

   •  a journey of a growing Faith in Jesus ...

  •  and a journey of sharing in the life of His          family, the Church.