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    St Leonard’s Church Southminster

Thanksgiving        Service

 What this service is for

This service

   Parents can choose Supporting Friends (like Godparents) and receive a

   We like to arrange a
Thanksgiving Service as soon as possible after you first contact us ...and to make this a real Family Celebration with all your family and friends.

   This service includes a 'Naming' of your child, gives you the opportunity to invite 2-3 friends to stand with you - and includes prayers for God's blessing on your new baby and home.

   Because this is a
family occasion, the service can either take place as part of a Sunday church service or as a separate family event at a separate time (not necessarily a Sunday). Hymns can be chosen and friends can take part.

As the Thanksgiving is your Family Celebration, and your child's baptism may not be arranged for a little while later, you might like to invite family and friends to the Thanksgiving and, after the service, to hold a party to celebrate the birth of your new baby.